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  • sean and harry two little brothers, sean and harry sons of dorry, how devoted they were to each other. now harry will see his dad once again. ...



    • My little Scooby Doo Buddy Although there are many, many memories of your Dad that flood my mind, one is that a year of my life your Dad was legal guardian to me. He got a kick telling people I was his daughter. But the best advice by far that I think about and apply to life to thi...


    • A family man I Doreen Tubbs, my best memories of Dorry in the beginning meeting him about 1983 or 1984 not knowing what kind of life he lived, soon I met his son Sean, he became my brother in law, I visited with him and his family Bonnie, Sean, Kristy, and Josh at ...





          • Unfucking Believable/But it was Dorry Back in 1987, I got tickets options for a Sam Kinneson concert. A rather vulgar, but funny man . . . Naturally I got tickets for Dorry and Bonnie and Theresa and myself. The concert/show was at the old ampitheater. We sat through the show . . . no pr...



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