there is no crying in escrow_

When I first started working with Dorry, he was “just” the Listing Agent on a file. My encounters with him were brief and pleasant. All was well.

As things progressed I found myself handling one or two sale transactions with Dorry as a Seller. Needless to say, I soon learned that Dorry was a
real “force”. During my career I have always been told that there is “no crying in escrow”. I can now say, that is not true. Nobody in my entire
career has ever pushed me that far past the “no crying rule”. Dorry had no problem telling me that “I did not know what the F…. I was doing”.
At first I was speechless, and then I cried. Then I was mad. I was resolved to NEVER handle another transaction with Dorry. That would definitely
take care of the problem, right?

Again, I was wrong. I returned from vacation only to find that I had a new escrow from Dorry. How could this have happened? My staff did not
understand why I was not happy. I did my best to remain professional, and as it turned out I ended up handling a few more transactions for Dorry.
I ended up learning quite a bit from him. Dorry was wickedly smart. He always seemed to have a reason for everything he did, or in most cases
did not do. Everything always went according to Dorrys timeline. I learned that the closing date really was not all that important, unless it was
important to Dorry. I learned not to stress over the things (or people) I could not control. I also learned that having Dorry come to my Office and
meet in person, was a far better way to go. Once I made it thru my first meeting with him, I think we actually started to like each other. Well,
at least I can say I started to like, and respect Dorry. I should not assume he felt the same of me.

I will now miss the challenge of working with Dorry. I will always be a better person for the lessons I learned from him.

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