Unfucking Believable/But it was Dorry_

Back in 1987, I got tickets options for a Sam Kinneson concert. A rather vulgar, but funny man . . . Naturally I got tickets for Dorry and Bonnie and Theresa and myself. The concert/show was at the old ampitheater. We sat through the show . . . no problem. Once the show ended, Dorry and I, who with the aid of alcohol decided we needed to go to the back stage party. Dorry flashed his sub-committe badge and we were in. Theresa and Bonnie were horrified and both thought we’d all be arrested. Didn’t happen!

Instead I introduced to the crowd, Senator Plotkin. We met and had photos with Sam, Rodney Dangerfield and Ted Nugent. All the while Sam’s people were on me to make sure the Senator was happy. I assured them he was.

Kennison was a rather loud person on stage . . . however back stage he was a bit shy about “meeting the Senator.” He grabbed me by the arm, very nervous . . . asking me how he should address the “Senator.” I told him him I called him dickhead . . . but he should call him Senator!

Somewhere, there are press photos of this historic meeting! Dorry and I with a shit eating grin and the entourage attempting to please us. We drank ALOT! Dorry, who always had a fondness for charity was trying to convince the Hollywood bigwigs they should support his effort with the YMCA! They balked.

After many more drinks, I was approached by one of the entourage who asked me with much nervousness . . . “we’d be honored if the “Senator” would join us in an after hours party at the hotel . . .” (cannot remember the hotel . . .)

We went . . . once there people realized they should not like politicians! We were falling over each other laughing! The rest, well, they thought they had to engage our humor . . . even though it was at their expense . . .

I’ve had a bit to drink right now . . . smiling . . . as the evening wore on the “Senator” lost more and more votes . . . We had no idea of what state he came from . . . we tried to be careful . . . when asked we both gave a different answer!

Finally the evening wound down . . . by this time Dorry and I were a bit on our lips . . . the one thing I will always remember though . . . we piled into Dorry’s new Mercedes . . . he and I in the back, the gals up front . . . as we passed the entry of the hotel, Dorry sticks his head up through the sunroof . . . looking at all the hollywood types getting into their limo’s . . . and yells out . . . “fuck you . . . atleast my car is paid for!!!” He and I hugged and laughed like we were ten year olds! His humor was never better that night! The smile!

On our way home we convinced the gals to stop at Tommy’s . . . we were hungry!!! But, like the child/adults we were, we never saw much of the ride back to our homes. The Senator and his aide, much to the appreciation of our gals, passed out . . . still smiling!

I have others . . . back then we were pretty tight. Milo, Dorry and I managed to make a few people smile . . . the others . . . well, not so much! Miss the crap out of you big guy!!!! And, Sean . . . I’m sure your Dad is as proud of you as I am! You have grown up to be a very gentle and caring person!


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