Dorry’s Friend and Broker_

Well….Being a broker..you can work with a lot of different personalities…Dorry was one of those really special clients. My frist time in Dorry’s office to talk about listing his property lasted about 3 hours. 5 mintues of those 3 hours was spent talking about the property. 10 mintues was talking about if I did a great job, he would give me a bonus in trade ( artwork, jewelry, etc ). The rest of the time was watching Dorry make a movie. Dorry told me he had made some other movies, but they were R rated. He also spoke about Sean in length. He was very proud of Sean. Told me about the book Sean wrote when he was young. Talked about how he would give Sean a gift ever year and writing the book was one of those gifts. He spoke about Sean’s success in real estate at such a young age. It was really great to see the pride he had being Sean’s dad. Well…we closed escrow and then the fun began. I showed to Dorry’s office and just like he promised he went thought all his paintings, jewelry, old pictures, nick-nacks and old Memorabilia. I got to learn a lot about Dorry that day and in the end he gave me a ring that was very special to him. I really apprecaited his kindness and he was a fair and passionate man. You knew exactly where you stood with Dorry. I will great miss my friend. RIP Dorry Plotkin.


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